Improve your bone health this pumpkin season

Everyone knows what is the most amazing thing that autumn season brings us – delicious and healthy pumpkins! Wherever you go – you see lots of pumpkins of different types, colors and sizes. Pumpkin is loaded with healthy nutrients; majority them are highly beneficial for our bones. Both the flesh and the seeds of pumpkin have a great number of vitamins and other elements, so by eating lots of pumpkin this autumn, you will definitely improve your bone health. Let us mention some of the most important nutrients for bones that can be found in pumpkin.

Calcium and Magnesium

If there is still anything that has not been said about calcium, it is maybe the fact that pumpkin is rich with it. We all know how calcium is important for the healthy bone growth, it is essential for building dense bones and for maintaining their healthy density over time. If you are not a fan of milk, you can consider pumpkin as one of your substitutes.

Magnesium is just as important is calcium for keeping the bone strong and dense. It contributes to the production of new bone tissue and it is also associated with many other body mechanisms.


Vitamins C and E

We know vitamin C as an important nutrient for our immune system. However, vitamin C also participates in the formation of collagen, which is the main structural protein in various connective tissues and can be found in large quantities in some of the bone parts.

Vitamin E is another vitamin that pumpkin is rich with. Apart from the fact that vitamin E is a great antioxidant, it also contributes to a muscle tissue growth, which is also important for keeping the bones healthy. Strong muscles allow bones to grow in stress-free conditions and prevent them from fractures.

Other nutrients

There are many other healthy elements that can be found in pumpkin and that are good for bone health, such as copper, zinc and manganese. All these nutrients play important roles in growing healthy bones. They contribute to the bone loss prevention by building a protective chemical structure.

Pumpkin season is not so long so make sure you eat lots of pumpkins to make your bones even stronger!

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