High intakes of vitamin d in breastfeeding moms is good for the babies

New studies suggest that increasing the amount of vitamin D consumption, either through the diet or with the help of food supplements, in breastfeeding mothers, may be an efficient way to provide sufficient vitamin D to their infants.

Alongside calcium, vitamin D is an essential element in bone growth and in ensuring bone strength and good health. Vitamin D is mostly received from the sunlight or other ultraviolet rays sources. Its content in food or breast milk is not as high. In case the breastfeeding mother does not intake higher amounts of vitamin D in any its form, the infant that is being fed with breast milk only, risks having bone health issues, or the bones will grow rather fragile.

One of the recent studies suggest that rather than trying to give vitamin D supplements to infants, which is not always being followed, it may be more efficient for the breastfeeding mothers to consume higher doses of vitamin D, especially if they decide to exclusively breastfeed their babies.

The study concluded this concept after it tested a group of breastfeeding women, where some were given an additional high dose of vitamin D and other were not. During a four-month period, the babies of the mothers, who took vitamin D supplements, showed an increased amount of vitamin D in their blood tests, in comparison to the babies of the other group. The study took into account other possible sources of vitamin D of both the breastfeeding mother and the baby, such as the skin color or the season they were born in, in order to adjust the vitamin D reading.

The increases amount of vitamin D, caused by the vitamin D supplements intake in breastfeeding mothers, is believed to be sufficient to neutralize the deficit of vitamin D in infants, in case the potential deficit may take place. According to the worldwide statistics, the vitamin D deficit in infants is a widespread concern that needs a working solution.

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