Bone density improved through running

The so-called stiffness index, which implies the quality and strength of bones, is believed to be improved with the help of long running workouts. The longer the running distance, the better for the stiffness index and, therefore, for the bone strength. Long running workouts also improve the bone health, delaying any bone disorders or decrease in stiffness, which is usually a matter of time.

Bone mineral density is the indicator, which is improved with the help of long running workouts. The good condition of this indicator depends on several foreseeable and non-foreseeable factors, such as age, race, sex, physical activity or diet. The foreseeable factors, among which are healthy diet and regular physical activity, can be adjusted in order to keep the mineral density of bones on a good level for a longer period of time.

A new study on how physical activity influences the bone health showed that prolonged running workout (10 km and more) improve the mineral density of bones, therefore, the bone health. The long running workouts improve the stiffness index, which is what ensures the normal bone mineral density. The study analyzed the bone density of marathon runners or other runners that run 10 km or more on a regular basis. The results of the analysis were compared to the results of the analysis of other group of people, who does not have a physical activity routine.

The results of bone densitometry of both groups showed that the group of people who do regular long running workouts have much denser bones, than the group of people who have a sedentary life. Considering the fact that the study included athletes that regularly run different distances, the researchers were also able to determine the fact, that the longer regular running workouts, the better bone mineral density results.

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