Alkaline water – any profit for bone health?

All foods and beverages have a pH level. This scale represents the power of hydrogen, and it measures the concentration of hydrogen ions in a substance. It specify the acidity of a liquid. Recently, a new concept is being widely discussed, which implies that alkaline water have certain health benefits related to bone health.

Alkaline water is the water that is less acidic than regular tap water, and it has a higher Ph level, in comparison to a regular tap water. The main idea that stands behind the concept is that the alkaline water can neutralize pH and promote a better balance in individuals, whose body is “acidic”. Due to the fact that people tend to believe new and unusual concepts, especially when it comes to health improvement and disease prevention, the alkaline water, together with the whole idea of an alkaline diet, became very popular, which prompted many studies.

Studies look into the alkaline water matter

Among a large number of studies on the health benefits of alkaline water, several studies aimed to see whether there is a link between alkaline water and bone health.

One of the most important bone-related processes in the human body is the breakdown of the old bone tissue and the production of the new one. If new bone production exceeds the breakdown, this leads to dense, strong and healthy bones. Otherwise, bones become brittle and exposed to fractures, which can lead to the development of osteoporosis. One of the studies aimed to see if alkaline water is somehow linked with this process.

According the study results, the alkaline water actually contributes to slowing down the breakdown process and, at the same time, speeding up the production process. This means that alkaline water contributes to stronger and denser bones. Even though the number of participants was not so large, the study gives an idea of how alkaline water can actually be beneficial for health.


There were other studies that analyzed the association between the alkaline diet and bone health. The results of those studies proved the association between alkaline diet and osteoporosis prevention.

Alkaline water remains to be a questionable product that is being studied in order to understand its benefits and its flaws too.

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