About us

LifeProviDR was conceived as a way of addressing the challenges of staying healthy, extending our life expectancy where possible, and helping to ensure we live the years we do get a little better. The main hurdle to these achievements is no longer the advancement of science. It is attempting to tackle the firehose of research and medical opinions across ever expanding fields of genetics, metabolics, biodomes, stem cells, nutrition, toxicology, and so on.

The researchers are publishing as many articles in a day as we would have seen in a month just a few years ago. How do we think any one practitioner can pinpoint what is wrong and what can be done? They try .. but a typical MD gets just 16 hours of training in nutrition. How can he possibly be expected to know that you have a genetic mutation that is making you sick because you can’t eat the folic acid in breakfast cereal? You need a geneticist, blood work, and a good functional medicine doctor in the same room to even have a shot at that diagnosis.

It has been said recently that if we can just hold on the the saddle of life for another 5 years that the life expectancy of humans is on the verge of jumping a dozen years based on the rocket ship pace of genetic studies on longevity. There are acres of laboratories as we speak with lab rats who are living 20 – 30 percent longer than ever before. Our genealogy studies on humans are zeroing in on what makes the octogenarians tick. CRISPR technology has suddenly given us the the ability to cut and paste out DNA. There is already discussion of cutting out the APOE4 Allelle that is responsible for 50 percent of Alzheimer cases. WE URGENTLY need to stay healthy while this all plays out.

To stay healthy in a crazy environment of rocketing information and multiple therapy options LifeProviDR says you need to take responsibility and control of your own health. Hoping that one general practitioner has the broad yet specific scope of expertise in these new areas is wrong. Go to your doctor prepared. We will provide you with a portal of information on new developments. We have a series of expert contributors to help you to stay healthy and stay informed.

We will talk about algorithms on the site. Simply put they are questionnaires to help us find our way through all this information. Answer some questions and get direction on what to think about or who to go see or what questions to ask. Algorithms are everywhere these days. Basically any skill that the human brain can perform can now be quantified, back tested, and run error free on a computer program. Giant cargo ships load goods from china, navigate the ocean, watch for storms, and dock without human direction. Wall Street traders have become obsolete as computers tirelessly digest all news releases, compares it to all previous data and executes before a human can read them. In fact; algorithms are now writing other algorithms. It sounds like the matrix. But medicine is the last field where people are still of the belief that some mystical power makes Doctors invincible. They are human and need all the help they can get from an educated patient who has done his homework.

This company will first and foremost be an information portal. We will offer links to relevant and exciting advances in anti aging theory and treatments. We will offer ways of finding the best doctors and alternative practitioners in their fields. And we will suggest products that are formulated and approved by them. Ultimately we all believe aging is primarily a slowing of our natural metabolic state. Some of us have an edge or deficit in the genes. All of us would be better knowing what those are if there are lifestyle, dietary and other forms on energy therapy that could help that. Almost all of us can improve our metabolism with a little help and a little understanding about how its happening to us.

Education and knowledge can transport us to a healthier life. Motivation is the motor oil that makes it all work smooth. LifePriviDR is the Ferrari to get you there and have fun on the way.